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Software Project Manager background
We are seeking experienced Software Project Managers to work in our agile development team as project leads, responsible for E2E coordination of the development lifecycle from concept till release and operations. Besides planning and budgeting projects or tasking internal teams, project managers at Tappointment work closely with clients to understand their goals, know their needs, define solutions and ensure the overall quality of deliverables.

You’ll need to be able to work well in our technical environment. Here are things we’re looking for:

  • You have worked in an agile environment before.
  • You know what a project is and the key elements to consider to achieve success.
  • You know how the web works.
  • You know how a mobile app (Android, iOS) works.
  • Working with developers. You’ve done it before and you’ve enjoyed it.
  • Working with designers and UI experts before and you’ve enjoyed it.
  • You’re able to describe workflows and tasks purely from an end user’s perspective, helping architects and developers make informed implementation decisions.
  • You handle the backlog and prioritize the tasks.
  • You can distinguish a bug from a functional update or a new feature request.
  • You are good friend of Slack and Jira, or similar collaboration and project/task management tools.
  • You either proficient in one project methodology or have a thorough understanding of the various projects techniques in general.
  • If needed you can demonstrate experience regarding the above mentioned items, and provide references, or proof for concerning qualifications.

You’ll also need to communicate, collaborate and lead effectively:

  • You don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions.
  • You have a strong ability to motivate individuals to do their best work.
  • You have a desire to lead productive, fun and interactive collaborative sessions.
  • You build long-term relationships with clients based in through planning, timely and professional communication and intelligent problem-solving.
  • You meet deadlines across multiple, simultaneous projects.

How to apply:

Please send your resume to Please include specifics about how your previous experience matches our job description.

Before you get in touch, please learn about the company.

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