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Be available 24/7

Be available 24/7

Let your customers see your calendar’s availability where they can make appointments anytime.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Our solution is here to help you get new clients and manege your business more effectively day by day.

Keep customers happy

Keep customers happy

Make it super easy for customers to connect. They can request or self-book their own appointments from the App.

Simplified client management

Add your contacts and invite them to request appointments online. Connect with them instantly to make them happy.

Automatic notifications and reminders

Forget no-shows. Your clients will receive reminders about their upcoming appointments.

Real time modifications

You can modify or cancel your appointments any time and your clients will be notified instantly by email and messages.

Multiple staff/locations

Manage more locations and employees at the same time. You can also share these with your receptionist to manage their calendars.

Book button for your website

Add a Book Now button to your website and convert your visitors to new clients.

Import your calendar events

Set up your business calendar by importing your existing appointments in 3 easy steps from your Google calendar.

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